.Yehu Clays Ltd

Yehu Clays Ltd. specializes in mining and processing of natural minerals and mineral products for various industries.

The company was founded in 1984 by Yehu Avital – a geologist, an M. Sc graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, as a company specializing in mining, processing, packing and distributing clay mineral products for various purposes. During the following years the company's activity scope widened. Today, Yehu Clays Ltd. mines and processes a wide variety of mineral products – limestone, Dolomite, industrial Quartz sands, clay minerals of various kinds and imported high quality Quartz sands and Silica powder. These products are used as raw materials for industries such as paint, glue, rubber, pesticides, glass, ceramics, hand craft materials and many others.

The company currently employs about 20 permanent employees and several part time employees. All the production activities of the company are carried out in southern Israel. The production plant and main office are located in the industrial area of the town of Yerucham, while mining is carried out at the company's two quarries, in the Negev desert.

The company has two active quarries – the Yerucham ridge quarry located about 2 km north of Yerucham town and the Zemer quarry located about 5 km northeast of Ara'ra town, in the Negev.

Most of the raw materials are natural minerals, originating in Israel. Some are quarried in the company's quarries, while other raw materials are purchased from outside sources. Some clays, high quality Silica sands and Silica powder are imported.

The factory has four milling lines as well as sifting, mixing and packing arrays, adapted to the diverse requirements of the company's customers.

In addition, the factory maintains a maintenance system that enables continuous operation of the factory and repair of faults in real time.
In 1997, in order to improve the level of customers service, a sister company, Agat Minerals Ltd., was started by the same factory owners. Agat Minerals is the present distributer of the group, dealing with all transportation and marketing aspects of Yehu Clays' activity.

Full adaptation of products to customer's needs

Adherence to strict schedules, according to customer's needs

Packing products in pre-weighed quantities, according to customer's demands

Supplying desired quantities (above a minimal limit), without the customer being forced to purchase quantities beyond his needs