Agat Minerals Ltd

Agat Minerals Ltd., a sister company to Yehu Clay Ltd., was founded in 1993.
Agat Minerals serves as the marketing and distributing arm of the group. In this role, the company markets and distributes natural minerals to the construction, chemical, agricultural and creative materials markets.
Among our products are various types of clay minerals, Kaolin, limestone, dolomite, locally produced industrial sands, as well as imported high quality sands and ground Silica powder imported from abroad.
Our products are widely used as raw materials for products intended for the finishing stages of the building industry, such as sealing, coating and painting. They constitute fillers for many types of adhesives materials of all sorts. Our products are also used as fillers in the chemical industry and as components for green building of various types. They are used for ecological expulsion of pests in agriculture and as fillers in the rubber, glass and other industries.

  • The company markets the products of the sister company Yehu Clays Ltd.
  • The company has a state-of-the-art laboratory for examining various materials and adapting its products to the needs of all potential customers.
  • The company possesses its own means of transportation.

Full adaptation of products to customer's needs

Packing products in pre-weighed quantities, according to customer's demands.

Adherence to strict schedules, according to customer's needs.

Supplying desired quantities (above a minimal limit), without the customer being forced to purchase quantities beyond his needs.

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